Financial Rewards

A significant number of the practices outlined in the “What to Report” section of this web site are illegal, and in many cases there are significant financial rewards paid for information about these crimes. This is especially true for crimes involving income tax evasion, Medicaid fraud, or insurance fraud.

However, as we’ve indicated elsewhere, timing is extremely crucial.

Any information you have is probably known by others as well. We pointed out earlier that if several people in an office have knowledge of illegal activity, the first person to come forward with it is the one who gets protection. Generally speaking, that also applies to rewards. They are usually paid to the first people who provide information, not everyone who provides information.

In those cases where there is no financial reward, that doesn’t mean there aren’t incentives for coming forward. To begin with, never underestimate the satisfaction that comes from simply knowing that you did what is right. Additionally, as any one who has ever been in this situation will tell you, there is a tremendous sense of relief when you find out that information you provided to the authorities is going to keep you from going to jail.

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