Employment Red Flags

In any work environment, employees may see their employers do things that appear to be uncalled for, unjustified, or unexplainable. In most cases, these events don’t necessarily mean that anything unethical or illegal is taking place. However, YES answers to any of the following questions could be red flags to look out for.

  • Does your facility fail to inform employees and volunteers that mandatory reporting laws require them to treat every underage girl seeking an abortion or birth control as a potential victim of statutory rape or other child abuse and that all such cases must be reported to the state?
  • Are employees or volunteers allowed to coach underage girls on how they can circumvent laws that require parental involvement? In cases of statutory rape, do employees at your facility ever coach underage girls on how they can help their adult sexual partners avoid detection by law enforcement?
  • Have the owners or managers of the clinic established policies or practices that encourage staffers not to comply with mandatory reporting laws? Do they ever suggest that clinic business could suffer if the staff complied with these laws or do they try to convince clinic workers that these laws do not apply to underage girls who seek birth control or abortion services?
  • Are unexplained firings common in the clinic? If so, it could be that the fired employees found out something about your employer, or began to ask uncomfortable questions. In short, unexplained dismissals could indicate that your employer was getting nervous that the employees involved were catching on to some illegal or unethical activity being committed at the clinic.
  • Is there an unusually high turnover rate of employees? If an employer is trying to hide illegal or unethical activity, the last thing he wants is people surrounding him who know too much about his operations. In this situation, it is common for employers to keep employees in the dark by continually replacing them. That way, employees never become involved enough in clinic operations to discover any of the inappropriate behavior.
  • Has the clinic hired anyone with a known drug problem or failed to fire a staff member who has a drug problem?


When abortion clinic owners or directors are engaged in illegal activities, it is common for them to lure their employees into participating in these crimes. They believe that employees who are personally involved in criminal activity will be so frightened about detection and prosecution that they will keep silent.

At Life Dynamics, we have extensive experience helping abortion clinic workers who are in this situation. If you have been a witness to, a participant in, or a victim of illegal activity taking place in an abortion clinic, you should immediately call to get the advice and assistance you need. There are no charges for our services.

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