Physical Assault Of Patients

As an employee of an abortion clinic, you have a moral and legal obligation to report any physical attacks committed upon a patient. Always be aware that people who physically attack others often do so in a way that is not obvious or easily detected. Have you ever seen or heard about a the following happening at the clinic:

  • Striking a patient
  • Restraining a patient or locking a patient in the procedure room
  • Not allowing a patient to leave the facility
  • Not allowing a patient to change her mind about having the procedure
  • Verbally intimidating patients


When abortion clinic owners or directors are engaged in illegal activities, it is common for them to lure their employees into participating in these crimes. They believe that employees who are personally involved in criminal activity will be so frightened about detection and prosecution that they will keep silent.

At Life Dynamics, we have extensive experience helping abortion clinic workers who are in this situation. If you have been a witness to, a participant in, or a victim of illegal activity taking place in an abortion clinic, you should immediately call to get the advice and assistance you need. There are no charges for our services.

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