Sexual Assault Of Patients

At Life Dynamics, we have identified many instances of patients
being sexually assaulted by abortion providers.

Additionally, since women often don’t want anyone to know that they had an abortion, they tend to be reluctant to report sexual misconduct inflicted upon them while at an abortion clinic. This means that this behavior can go undetected for a long time.

Having recognized that clinic employees may not know the signs that someone they work for is sexually assaulting patients, we have prepared the following list of questions as a guideline. (Yes answers indicate that such activity could be occurring.)


As you analyze these questions, there are several things you should consider…

First, if you or other employees are being sexually harassed by your employer, or if your employer tolerates other employees doing so, there is a heightened risk that this person may be sexually harassing or even sexually assaulting patients.

Second, remember that while most inappropriate or illegal sexual activity involves male predators and female victims, it is not limited to that scenario. On several occasions, we have been advised by employees of abortion clinics operated by female doctors and/or directors that these women are sometimes guilty of sexually victimizing patients.

Third, always listen to your instincts and keep your mind open for other possible red flags not addressed by the questions below.

  • Do your intake forms indicate whether other people know that the patient is there? For example, are minor patients asked if their parents know that they are having an abortion? Are married patients asked whether their husbands know that they are having an abortion?
  • Does the doctor ever insist on being left alone while performing procedures?
  • Are operating room doors ever locked during procedures?
  • Have you ever noticed patients having a dramatically different attitude after their abortion than before? Do some patients show unexplained anger or fear after procedures, or seem in an inordinate hurry to get out of the clinic?
  • On follow-up visits, do patients ever ask to see a different doctor than the one who did their procedures?
  • Have you ever noticed doctors or other employees taking addresses or phone numbers off patient charts?
  • Are patients who are accompanied by parents, boyfriends, or husbands treated differently than those who are alone or accompanied by friends?
  • Are physically attractive patients treated differently than those who are less attractive?
  • Have you ever heard a doctor or other employee make comments about a patient’s physical appearance, body shape or sexual attractiveness?
  • Have you ever heard a doctor or other employee ask inappropriate or unnecessary questions about a client’s sex life?
  • Have you ever heard a doctor or other employee offer comments or speculation about what kind of sexual activity a patient may be willing to engage in?
  • Have you ever heard someone make jokes or express suspicions about a doctor or other employee in your facility having sexual contact with staff or patients?


When abortion clinic owners or directors are engaged in illegal activities, it is common for them to lure their employees into participating in these crimes. They believe that employees who are personally involved in criminal activity will be so frightened about detection and prosecution that they will keep silent.

At Life Dynamics, we have extensive experience helping abortion clinic workers who are in this situation. If you have been a witness to, a participant in, or a victim of illegal activity taking place in an abortion clinic, you should immediately call to get the advice and assistance you need. There are no charges for our services.

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